NOVEMBER 17 - 18, 2020

Topics to include:

Enabling a Clean Energy Future: Adapting the Grid to High-Penetration Renewables

  • Challenges and opportunities as we move toward achievement of 100% state and potential federal goals
  • Facilitating grid reliability, resilience and flexibility in decision making
  • The impact of increased electrification on renewables and the grid

Where Does the Grid Go Now?: Capacity Market Design and the Future of Resource Adequacy

  • Lessons learned from the rolling blackouts in CAISO
  • Flexible capacity products
  • Climate-aware energy markets: RTO-level carbon pricing and other proposals
  • Reforming retail markets to enable long-term contracting

RTO+: Deploying Power Markets to Support Renewables Expansion

  • Expanding RTO/ISOs: The right approach for continued renewable integration?
  • Assessing the Southeast Energy Exchange Market, the Western Energy Imbalance Market, and other non-RTO/ISO approaches
  • What can the U.S. learn from the E.U. and other international efforts as it balances an increasingly renewable grid?

The Role of Transmission and Grid Upgrades as Part of an Effective Climate Solution

  • Can a Macro Grid enable a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions?
  • How can grid expansion and modernization help achieve our climate imperatives?

Transmission Expansion: Who Should Foot the Bill?

  • Merchant vs. regulated transmission, independent vs. utility builders
  • Proactive planning to integrate renewable resources and public policies
  • Priorities for a new FERC planning rule

Fireside Chat: Non-Traditional Financing Models for Transmission, Storage and Other Grid Resources

  • How a transmission ITC could expand private investment; other incentives
  • Recognizing the cost and economic benefits of transmission investment
  • Investing in grid enhancing technologies; non-wires alternatives to alleviate congestion